Set All First Images As Featured

If you need to set the featured images for all of your old posts, checkout this plugin, Set All First Images As Featured will do the job for you.

You can choose on what post type you want to run the plugin (posts, pages, etc),  options to choose between dates, and you can also overwrite the existing featured images.

The plugin will look for the first attached image to a post, and if it can’t find it it will look for the first html image tag in the post and get the src attribute, this will only work if the image is on the same server as the website.

And don’t forget, when you run this plugin or any other plugin that makes any changes on you database make sure to do a backup first.


Tracks logged-in user activity

Really usefull plugin to track any activity, for example a client’s site breaks, you can check the stream log to see what if there has been any new plugin installed, by who, etc and it makes it easier to identify the problem.