Contact Form 7 is a great plugin to add forms to your site, but these forms contain static inputs and sometimes we require to add inputs with dynamic values like a post ID or PHP variables like GET and POST.

This is very easy to do with the plugin Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension.

This plugin adds two additional tag types to the Contact Form 7 plugin, these two types are Dynamic Text field and Dynamic Hidden field, the dynamic value for a scpecif input is generated throught a shortcode.

The plugin has it’s own shortcodes integrated, but you can create your own.

Let me put a very simple example:

Lets say you want to add a hidden input in your form which value should be the current post ID.
If you create your own shortcode it would look like this:

function cf7_add_post_id(){
    global $post;
    return $post->ID;
add_shortcode('CF7_ADD_POST_ID', 'cf7_add_post_id');

And the dynamic field in your form setup would look like this:

[dynamictext my-filed-name "CF7_ADD_POST_ID"]

The other way would be to use the plugin’s shortcodes.
In this case we want to have the current post ID so you would only have to add your dynamic field in the form setup like this:

[dynamictext my-filed-name "CF7_get_post_var key='ID'"]

The plugin has shortcodes for GET, POST, blog info, post info, current URL, custom fields, current user info, referrer URL.
You have all the details in the plugin’s page on

How to add dynamic values into Contact Form 7 inputs
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