Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget

Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget  is a very simple plugin to display the main social “follow me” buttons on your web. It uses an icon font instead of images, so this makes it very handy to style and it will display correctly in any screen.

No settings page or anything complicated to make it run. Only a simple widget that you can put in your sidebar, footer, header…

As it was mentioned before, it is easy to style and you can choose directly from the widget the color,  size,  text to display before the icons, if you want them rounded or squared.

Translations available:

Serbo-Croatian – Provided by Borisa Djuraskovic from Thank you!

Download from here (available on, and if you are happy and you want to thank the author (me!!) you can also find the donate button. Thanks!

Update :
I have paused the icon requests. I made the anouncement on the plugins support forum at plugin repository.
For more information:

If you have any problems or sugestion regarding to the plugin please refer yourself to the support forum of the plugin. Thanks.

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