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GitHub updater
Plugin to enable automatic updates to your GitHub or Bitbucket hosted WordPress plugins and themes.

Plugin that will help you optimize your development environment by making sure that you have all the essential tools and plugins installed.

Theme Check
Test your theme for all the latest WordPress standards and practices

Log Deprecated Notices
This plugin logs the usage of deprecated files, functions, and function arguments. Identifies where the deprecated functionality is being used and it will offer an alternative if it’s available. It also logs incorrect function usage.

Monster Widget
Provides a quick and easy method of adding all core widgets to a sidebar for testing purposes

Debug Bar
Plugin that adds a debug menu to the admin bar that shows helpful debugging information.

List Code Validation Tools

Theme Framework: Hybrid Core
This is not a parent Theme. It’s a framework to build your own themes.

WP Test
Import dummy content to test. The content has many different styles, lists, floating images… so you can see how you all the elements are displaying in your theme.

WordPress Development Tools and Resources
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