By, with this plugin you can migrate your database from one WordPress installation to another in just a click, depending on how large your database is it will take longer or not to generate the database dump, but all in all it’s really quick, and definitely this is one of those plugins that I can’t live without.

I highly recommend it, it works beautifully! You can download it for free on the repository. It also has a premium version, which I have never tested as I really haven’t had  the necessity yet to purchase it, but checkout the futures on their webpage.

WP Migrate DB
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2 thoughts on “WP Migrate DB

  • December 16, 2014 at 16:02

    Oh man, I just can’t recommend this plugin enough to other developers! My team and I use a full-blown license, and it’s worth every penny. I think the Media Addon alone is worth the pro price, as it not only synchronizes the database, but also the uploads folder as well (optionally may either delete files to be a true sync, or just pull files you don’t have). I also use the ability to select which tables to move all the time on multisites. Yeah.. that plugin has more than paid for itself in our time. :)

    • December 16, 2014 at 17:19

      Yes, I am definitely going to purchase the pro version, life is easier with the free version but I’ve got to the point where I need it to be even better! Thanks for stoping by and leaving a comment (also made me realize I had the Convert emoticons to graphic displays on!! ;) )

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